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New course in January 2021, enrolment in *NEW* Español para salseros - Primeros pasos ENG 2021.

Understanding, speaking, dancing... in Spanish!

Would you like to...

  • learn Spanish in a fun, effective way?

  • be able to communicative with Spanish speakers?

  • interpret the lyrics of the song when you dance?

  • understand dance workshops in Spanish?

  • I have the solution for you!! :)

Watch Intro Video

Video presentation of the course and the project

Spanish for beginners course

The essential course to learn the bases of Spanish in a fun, effective way

You love listening to salsa music and dancing it, of course. You are really passionate about the Cuban culture but you don't speak Spanish yet.

You would love to feel the joy of singing the song's lyrics, the satisfaction of being able to interpret them when you dance and to enjoy yourself even more than you already do!

On the other hand, you dream of traveling to Spanish-speaking countries, of being able to communicate with your Cuban or Spanish friends and of being able to understand easily the dance workshops with the best-known Cuban teachers. 

If you have been thinking about it for years without making up your mind...

The time has come to take the first step!

With this video course you are going to learn the bases of Spanish and start the adventure of learning a new language in order to fully understand this culture that you love so much. And of course there will be plenty of Cuban music! 

Some information about me: Spanish is my first language, I have a lot of experience in online teaching and a great passion for teaching my language and for Cuban dance, music and culture.

So let's go for it! Let's learn and have fun!

This video course includes several exercises, a live interactive lesson every week and the constant support of a private Facebook group. 

Why choose Español para salseros ?

Your dream of mastering Spanish starts here!

  • Detailed explanations tailored to beginners.

  • Self-paced, structured modules with videos and exercises (one new module per week).

  • A live interactive course every week.

  • The constant support of a private Facebook group.

  • A qualified and experienced tutor.

  • Three complete modules dedicated to salsa songs.

  • A focus on Latin, mainly Cuban, culture.

  • Personalized attention in small groups.

Social proof: testimonials

Fantastic teacher

Clay Scott (USA)

"Laura is a fantastic teacher. I recommend her very highly."

Highly recommended

Shaun (UK)

I have spent two years learning Spanish with Laura, she is a fantastic teacher I would highly recommend her to anyone. She has all the qualities that you would want in a teacher!

Learning with Laura is an absolute pleasure

Ellen Liburt (USA)

I began taking online lessons with Laura in 2016 and can't recommend her highly enough. It's not just that Laura speaks impeccable Spanish, Catalan, French, and English... or that she's great at explaining grammar, idioms, and usage in general... or even that she patiently goes above and beyond in every way as a teacher. What sets Laura above the rest is an incredibly nuanced, elegant sense of language that makes her a sensitive, accurate, and downright poetic translator. From A to Z, Laura makes learning an absolute pleasure. So if you'd like to speak another language fluently and beautifully—and have a lot of fun doing it—take this class, or any other course you can with Laura!!

Je recommende à 100% !!

Solène (France)

J'ai eu la chance d'avoir Laura comme professeur durant mes études. C'est une professeur très à l'écoute, qui prend son temps pour apporter des explications à ses élèves et qui propose de nombreuses activités en rapport avec la langue, ce qui rend l'apprentissage de celle-ci plus agréable. Je recommande à 100% !! 😊✔

Pédagogie exceptionnelle

Pierre (France)

J’ai eu la chance d’avoir Laura comme professeure de catalan tout au long de mes trois années de licence, et alors que je ne connaissais absolument pas la langue, elle nous l’a apprise avec une facilité déconcertante, en nous faisant comprendre toutes les petites choses de cette langue dans le même temps qu’elle nous ouvrait les portes d’une autre culture, et tout ça sans que ça ait jamais l’air compliqué! Le catalan est la langue que j’ai choisie d’apprendre, mais sa maitrise du français est parfaite et ses cours d’espagnol doivent être tout aussi excellents... Tout cela avec une personne d’une sympathie débordante et d’une pédagogie exceptionnelle, mêlant l’utile à l’agréable, avec laquelle on a autant de plaisir à apprendre qu’à danser en soirée! Aucun doute à avoir donc quant à la qualité des cours qu’elle proposera avec cette nouvelle plateforme!

Je recommende les cours de Laura

Emmanuelle (France)

J'ai passé plus de 4 années en tant qu'élève de Laura, je vous recommande ses cours car c'est un professeur super investi, patiente et pédagogue. Bon cours en sa compagnie 😊


  • ¡Bienvenidos!
  • Módulo 0: El alfabeto
  • Módulo 1: Hacer amigos
  • Módulo 2: Los números
  • Módulo 3: Aficiones y profesiones
  • Módulo 4: Mi familia
  • Módulo 5: La ciudad (La Habana)
  • Módulo 6: El presente
  • Módulo 7: Dime cuándo (el tiempo)
  • Módulo 8: La clase de baile
  • Módulo 9: Canción 1 (Los Van Van)
  • Módulo 10: Canción 2 (Los Van Van)
  • Módulo 11: Canción 3 (Alexander Abreu y Havana d'Primera)
  • Final de curso


Course creator and instructor

Laura Garganta

I am a Spanish native teacher with a Master's degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign languange and 10 years of experience in higher education (Université de Lille - SHS, Polytech, Centrale, ISA Lille, IÉSEG, etc.) and in online teaching (VerbalPlanet, ENACO Business School) and I am really passionate about Cuban dances, music and culture. Do you share my passions and want to learn Spanish in a fun, easy-going way? Let's start this adventure together!


  • How does the course work?

    Every week there will be a new module. You will have the time to watch the videos, do the exercises, ask any questions you may have, practice in the private Facebook group, etc. and at the end of the week there will be a live interactive course (on Zoom) about the topics covered in the module.

  • Will there be more advanced courses later on?

    Yes, there will be! After this first course for beginners (A1), there will be a pre-intermediate course (A2) in January 2021 and an intermediate course (B1) in April 2021. As we will progress with the language level, the song-based learning will become more and more present and important.

Coming soon!

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